HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY KIRAN!!!!!! So I remember seeing you on whatsapp, but I never got to talk to you because my finals were going on, so I was very happy when I found out you were my valentine <3 Anyways, I tried to make a gifset with all of your favorites, but they turned out sucky bc tumblr hates me with a passion i s2g ugh. But but but I have to tell you about how I wanted to make more gifs of that AsYa scene, but i couldn’t find a video creys. CAUSE AIRPORT WALA PROPOSAL ERMAGERD THE FEELS THE FEELSSSSSSSS. So yeah i was a huge AsYa fan, so that was fun to gif, and I really hope we can talk and get to know each other!

-your pyaari si valentine :)

OMGGG!! Thank You so much and Happy valentine’s day to you as well. This is absolutely beautiful. All my favs<3333 That SID ONE!! GOODNESS! This guy is HOT! AsYa SCENE! One of my favs.! His tears! Always get me!! And that SRK-Preity one is so amazing. One of my favorite moment of my favorite couple. & Preity looks absolutely beautiful in that gif. You have done such an amazing job! This is so so so so amazing. Thank You so much hun. God Bless You! And we will definitely talk more often! I just don’t have words to tell you how happy and special I feel. Thank YOU! THANKS A LOT!! Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you lots of love and happiness! Mwaahh<333

Anonymous asked: I am good hehe but I am so busy ugh I hate school. KABHI WALA ASYA IS MY FAV TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -whatsapp wali valentine

Tell me about it. I have been extremely busy too. I have a mid-term, an assignment due on friday and work tomorrow in the evening till 10 at night.

I have next week off. Finally, I can relax! I need sleep! SO BADD!!! Haha….anyways, what are your plans for valentines?

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Anonymous asked: Eyyy its all good! Btw what are your favorites?

My favorites! Hmm…if we talk about Bollywood/Tellywood then SRK!! Love of my life! I love his pairing with all his leading ladies but my most favorite Priety Zinta. Maybe because of my most favorite movies Kal Ho na HO and Veer Zara. And Sidharth Malhotra. Absolutely delicious he is<33 MY LOVVEE<33 I love AsYa(KaBhi)! I also like RangRasiya. So you can say Rudra and Paro. Ashish is perfect<33 And of course Sanaya as always. I guess that’s pretty much it. Anyways, how are you??

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Anonymous asked: Hello ji I am your tgvalentine :) how are youuuu?

Heyy<33 I’m so sorry for not replying. I have just been so inactive. I’m really sorry. How are you??  How are you doing?

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Uni was hectic man!:( And then I got work after exams and I didn’t have a single day off till today! That’s why!:( But I did miss you!<33 Btw Merry Christmas. Yours will start soon eh or did it already start?


a moment of silence for the girls who will have their period on Christmas


ISSHHUUUUUU! *HUGS* I missed you too! How are you?

LOOL! I finally got free man. Work kept me way too busy after exams but now it’s slowing down and I’m kinda happy:D 

DAMN! I missed this place. It’s good to be back after a long time! I doubt anyone missed me but I definitely missed amazing peeps over here and of course this place as I said before:D 


"Tera rasta main chodoon na…"